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Science and Technology - Apps




Pocket Universe
 Simply boot up it up, aim your iPad at the sky and, using its internal compass, it will tell you what constellations and stars you're looking at.


Algodoo uses 2D simulations to create scenes and allows users to experiment with physics concepts through the building of interactive inventions of games.


The Ultimate Dinopedia

 The Dinopedia applets kids indulge their fascination by providing vividly colored illustrations and fascinating facts on more than 1,000 dinos.


3D Sun

 One of the most important lessons to teach any young would-be astronomer is never to look at the sun directly, right? Well, not so fast. This app makes it possible to do exactly that -- any time of the day or night, thanks to the STEREO set of satellites from NASA that orbit the sun and provide real-time, 3-D images of the sun


iBiome: Wetland
This app allows students to explore 3 different wetland habitats (mangrove swamp, salt water marsh, freshwater marsh) by building bio domes. 


Britannica Volcanoes
 Remember when encyclopedias used to be old volumes that sat on your shelves? Not anymore. One of the world's most popular encyclopedia publishers has made its collection of knowledge come alive through interactive learning.


Star Walk Kids
 Star Walk Kids-Explore Space and Planets is a wonderful adventure into the science and culture of the nighttime sky


Earth Day Carol
 Dickens' classic tale gets an Earth Day twist as kids learn about the importance of recycling and taking care of the earth.


Toca Nature
 Bring the outdoors in as you explore nature and the animals hiding beneath the trees in this adorable nature-centered app.